To live is to breathe. Each inhalation rejuvenates, and each exhalation cleanses.‌‌

To live is to run and to rest. Each breath empowers the next step, and the steps fall in a cascade of possibility which pushes ever forward.

To live is to fast and to feast. As onward flows the footfalls, the potential of the body is actualized.  Realization is a cathartic drain that transforms into a burning desire. The desire is purged with the pleasure of sustenance.

To live is to think and to pray. Thousands of thoughts float past, the loudest whispers muddying the pictures of the mind, and then you call to the beyond and receive the silence of serenity.

To live is to toil and slave. In servitude, the time expires. Each effort returns in vain, and all succumb to the pain. Tomorrow is never different than today.

To live is to change and always be the same. Each day a little older, each thought a little strayer, everything set in motion the moment you are born is ended, and your life is counted as one.

To live is to forget and never wonder why. Your history informs your future, and your present doesn't understand why.

To live is to belong, beloved, and betrayed. Together is more than to stand apart. To burn is better than always to be asleep.

To live is to make new, all over again. You can pour out everything, but you can never refill again.

To live is to die. Your heart knows the reasons why.