Where shall I begin? Locally? Where else could we even consider? If our locality isn't handled, then there is no use in going beyond that scope, practicality. There isn't any sense in fixing your state if your town is in disorder. There isn't any sense in addressing your community if your home is chaotic. "Dream big, " but start small. Grow competency in your field, and use such in accordance with the measure that you have. Before I can consider the local church, I must consider myself.

What is my goal (what am I talking about)? To set things in order. To bring into alignment with the good. To enact Logos. In more Biblical language, we're talking about sanctification - sanctification of the Bride of Christ. Let's begin.

What is the Church?

The church is an inspired, called together assembly (universally) which composes a body, "The Bride of Christ" and "The Body of Christ" which is built upon the apostles.

What should the Church do?

The church is to act as the body of Christ, and aspire to be the bride of Christ. Each individual member of the church is to use their gifts towards this end.

I myself have experienced participation with God - a whole transformation of myself evidenced by any behavior which is in no way self-centered, but rather, that puts the eternal being of God ahead of all else. This is logical. This is how things should be. Inadvertently, this brings about in myself every sort of peace, joy, and other possible good state of being. Thus the experience is self-evidencing. The church is filled with many people like myself - we each imperfectly obey God's teachings as revealed in the Bible. It is this church that I hope to see sanctified.

I spent a long while considering the state of the Church and planning to write about it - however, I have canceled those plans. The topic is self-evident for anyone who has participated with the church before. While I could provide anecdotes, statistics, generalizations, or even research in some scope, there is no substitute for personal experience. Therefore, my new plan is this: To write thoroughly about what God wants the church to be, and challenge us all to go looking for it. Moreover, wherever we do not find it, I challenge us to create it.

As I began with in this post, I believe that the only viable method for sanctification of the church is for us who are eternally atoned for to work where we can. That may necessarily and rightly be within ourselves first. Yet though that scope may seem small, (or perhaps will yet still merit subdivision) it will naturally broaden when it has been sufficiently addressed. Just as soon as we are able, we must tackle our households, local churches, and the world - though there be many steps in between.

Let us begin this labor together today - start with yourself, and I will start with myself. Consider sanctification, that is, what it means to obey God, and do it. We cannot? Indeed, even for this, we must rely on God's grace - repent, do that paradoxical act of total submission, fully turning away from self-serving. Be filled with the Spirit, (His Words) and thus we obey.