I have confessions to make before you all regarding my writings written in former days:

1) Most of my writings heretofore have explored the point of view of the natural man, verging to the point of open theism.  I explored the point of view of the natural man, seeking to show how empty, foolish, and unwise the methods of men are towards any sight of the Risen Christ for saving.  These writings were meant to take a nuanced view and exploration of the lostness of the natural man, but I utterly failed in showing this, and also spoke very unclearly of how someone may be regenerated unto new life in Christ.  I began with the best of intentions but now realize my great error and covet forgiveness!  I cite these works as all of my collections of aphorisms, all of my writings on psychedelic experience, and my treatise on Aesthetic Sight.  These works are nothing but dust and ashes.

2) My recent writing from the literary voice of the Preacher spoke so very unclearly of Justification by Faith alone in Christ alone in one line that the whole work is utterly empty of merit or meaning whatsoever.  I tremble to think of this misstep.  I repent now before you all and covet forgiveness.  Although I still stand by my eschatalogical stance written therein, with its application to "Religious" experience, the American Church, and American sin, I cannot allow the work to survive as a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump.  This work is also dust and ashes.  

3) There is no "alternative perspective" on reality, and to even hint at such in my first writing on this site is to draw nigh to open theism.  The perspective of reality is most perspicuous and clear in the Scripture of God, with Reality defined therein according to God's good pleasure, given to us from down through the ages.

I professed myself wise and have been a most veritable fool.  I have drawn nigh to rip-roaring heresy in many of my writings and repent before you now, seeking forgiveness of you all and forgiveness of God.

In short, I have nearly been that spoken of in Romans 1, and only by the Grace of God do I see it now and repent before you and Him.  

I tremble to think of commiting the sin of Hebrews spoken of as "holding up Christ to open contempt."  To keep from drawing even one iota close to such an unpardonable act, I repent of all of this foolishness, darkness, and futility before you all.  

Christ is risen and He stands at the throne of God interceding, granting mercy in time of need.  In Him is all my forgiveness and washing, and I cannot hope to find saving in any other name under Heaven. No method of men, no teaching of angelic realms (demons), no work or deed declares me righteous, but only Christ's righteousness in justifiying the ungodly, imputing me His goodness.  He is my hope.  This is the acnhor of my soul, which I most heartily claim and need, for my person is utterly foolish without Him.