In today’s episode, Jacob and Brandon bring sidelight topics that stuck out to them from the past few episodes.  The problem of evil and the flaws in the educational system are discussed.  

  • Problem of Evil

Why is it that evil is conceived of as a problem?  In what sense does evil pose a problem to philosophers? Does it pose a problem in the sciences to any degree?  You mentioned the possibility of the problem of evil being solved?  How difficult is that too achieve?

Middle Knowledge Method - Plantina Approach - Molinists

Condescension of God - God incarnate.  

God in Relationto Time

  • The Educational System

Problem stated as the absence of any ability in the system to teach kids about higher ideals.  If they get lucky and have a good teacher, they can learn those things, but even then it is difficult because the teacher is so focused on getting the good test grades and thereby retaining their job.

Classical education seen as a potentially better model, in that it focuses on an outward gaze on the earth, captivated by its beauty, instead of merely focusing on the things needed to achieve a good test score, thereby leading to monetary gain in the long run?  But is there any other heuristic for gauging success in the educational system besides money and career success?  Are the other intangible things even useful in terms of mass quantification, through which proof to the state is given regarding success of the institutions?

  • Freedom Responsibility

Somehow, the majority of the country has chosen safety over freedom, and willingly set aside freedoms so that they might feel "safe."  The way this idea is formulated potentially shows my feelings towards it.   How did we get here?  Waking up to politics once again but feeling as if the old institutions cannot succeed.