Pure Smoothness

To do color commentary live for human sporting events is one thing; to do up-to-the-minute crisis or war reporting is another – but what about live, unrehearsed, eloquent description for natural drama?

Reporting to you live from the western territory of Kruger National Park, South Africa, here is a little miscellany for this Monday:

Remember children: combinations of coincidence and intellectual failings usually end uglily – fortunately for us, crocodiles are not know for their great brilliance.

Until next time, here is Jäk's Worldwide Iron Lifestyle Maxim #20:

Never try to outswim a crocodile without an hippopotamus to run interference.

It's often recommendable for your own safety to make sure said hippo does not arrive behind schedule: an advantaged party improperly positioned mostly looses to a lesser-advantaged but concentrated party with good timing.

(Header image by Richard Batka from Pixabay)