Thus, spoke the Deity from out the Halls of Bliss, and rent the curtain of time in two. Time receded into the minds of men as a distant memory, and Eternity stepped off her throne of Gold, raised her milk-white hand, and all the labors and fretting of the wise stood still.  Every mouth was stopped, and all could do naught but look and wonder.  

"Come, my friends, let us away to welcome the sons of God to the Age of Eternity", spoke the One, with regal grace, as He embarked upon the stage of his mighty chariot.   His brothers behind him smiled at the knowledge of great victory, raised their horns to hail the watchmen, and the Gates of Heaven opened.  

As a flame from heaven, rode the chariots of the One in resplendent majesty.  The halls of Heaven echoed with the rumbling wheels of the mighty exodus, while the host of Heaven gave a stupendous shout of triumph and joy to see the chariots of the One arrayed in such beauty.  Never was there a day like this day, but then Day and Night were no more; verily, to speak of them to the sons of God in this new age stirs the memory only vaguely.  

Upon a grassy knoll sat the learned one, in awe of the host of heaven, but most of all, of the One, and away down the hill a cry of delight and greeting reached his ears, "What-ho there, Learned One! And well met!"  

The learned one gazed down the sunny banks of the hill and beheld one whom he had not seen since the age of Time: The Preacher, now bedecked in a kingly robe, presented by the One in person.  With shining face and light feet, the learned one ran to greet his bosom friend, laughing a laugh of freedom and joy.  He embraced the Preacher and said, "What light now shines effulgently from you, my brother!"

The Preacher responded, "And from you! Having seen the Most Beautiful, it would only follow that it would be so!"  

And so the two friends reunited made their way together, side by side, pace by pace, as they did long ago in the fields of barley in the Age of Time; so walked they to the Palace of the One, where feasting, revelry, and joy had their home and source.  


The Stars themselves stood still, the sun ceased to set, and Earth slackened in its orbit till it ceased entirely.

“Let Time end and the labors thereof!”, spoke Deity with thunderous tone, as once They spoke in the Beginning, giving birth to Lady Time in the Days where Chaos pranced before the thrones of the gods, and they looked and took pleasure.  

So it was that Time bowed, and took her place in the Void, a noble purpose complete and a noble end granted.  

Then spoke the One:  “Let Us create new things! Things of light and beauty and perfection!”  

And it was so.