The following is a continuation of a ten-part series on time begun in the post "Time: Its Proper Use."  This is the second part of ten.

So, the preacher and the learned one walked and talked in the cool of the evening together, while the sun kissed the horizon in golden hues before disappearing beyond human sight.  The wind lightly tossed the barley fields in which they found themselves, a broad expanse of gold to match the colors of the sunset in the distance.

"How may Man rise above this shell of mortality?  Is there not a way to find the Queen of Heaven seated upon her throne?  Such are the questions of a young man full of sentimentality", the preacher began, "concern yourself with living well now, while youth and vigor fill your limbs!   Once, a man sought for the kingdom of El Dorado, a city of wealth and riches.  He wandered through darkest jungles of disease and death, longing for his prize.  Some claim he found it, but the wise know that, if such a kingdom had truly been found, not an enterprising soul would have neglected to leave their native lands to seek and divide such treasure!"

In response, the learned one: "Very well, let us lay down your premise of the present world being of more importance.  Still, how does the Lady Time influence this story you tell?"

"Tell me, learned one, what things do most men seek in life, things that seem entirely beyond reach, or things within their reach, things they may use?"

"Doubtless, men seek those things which they feel to be useful and reachable."

"And no man would seek something which he knew was entirely out of his reach, beyond his control?"

"That would follow.  However, you have yet to define what you mean by that word 'seeking'?"

"So you lead us to the heart of it, learned one!", responded the preacher with some approval.  "A man seeks after Lady Time to help him put his house and soul in order before the day of judgment.   He seeks Lady Time to assist in preparing for the day of death, to prepare his children for a life of wisdom, to prepare for the journey to the shores of heaven itself.  Yet, think you that these be the only manifestations of Lady Time?"

Somewhat dejectedly, the learned one responded, "Verily, you mistakenly ask this poor farmer such a question.  Such questions seem to be the domain of princes and kings, not that of simple men!"

"Oh, nay, my son! For, remember to the beginning; you will realize that Lady Time truly opens her doors to all who do her honor and homage.  On the contrary, Lady Time has elevated farmers to the throne of kings and thrown kings to the stool of serfdom.  Behold yonder plow; tell me, what ends do you accomplish with it?  Or rather, what is its use?"

"With it, I prepare the soil of my fields for tilling, dispense any nutriment the soil lacks, and help the soil acquire life from sun and water."

"So you consider the use of the plow essential to life, not only the life of all things, but most essentially your life and that of your entire household?"

"You have spoken truly."

"And the soil of your fields, they remain mere potentiality if unplowed or untilled?"

"Yes, but I fail to see your meaning?"

"Imagine Time itself were like a field, waiting for the farmer to sow barley in it.  The farmer has tools at his disposal, and Time gives back ten-fold for every hour of labor the farmer invests in his field.  Do you follow this reasoning?"

"And now you speak in common terms!  Say on!"

"What is more, imagine every human a farmer, given a field in which they may sow what seeds they will; it is not possible to overstate Time as a field ready for plowing and tilling.  Most men allow Lady Time to order their household when truly, Lady Time waits and seeks after a word from such men as know their desired estate and end of life.  Are you accustomed to seeing your allotted days in such a light?"

"I cannot say that I have seen existence in such terms.  And Man has complete power to sow such seeds that he may will, and work toward whatever ends he wills?"

"The only limit to Man is his own lack of propensity to dream and desire, my son... These days under the sun are truly few and brief, but they are a gift beyond measure.  To waste them away in idleness and unprofitable leisure is a great tragedy. Yet now I get ahead of myself... Behold!  Yon' sun has hidden behind the western hills!  Let us away to my abode and rest.  Perhaps we shall talk more, or perhaps we shall sleep."

"Yes, let us away."

And they continued their exploration as they walked, the sun now gone to bed, and the sky ablaze with innumerable stars, like pin-pricks of light in a great black curtain cast by some giant.  The Night was clear and cool, a Night of dreams and delight. The flaming light of day gave way to the beauty of darkness, and our friends ventured on deeper still in their journey of words and thoughts.