"How do you take a train to Hawai'i?" — President Donald J. Trump

President Donald Trump spoke for almost an hour and a half at a rally in El Paso, Texas last night at 19:00 local time, and boy did he cover a lot of ground. Roaring back after his State of the Union address last week in the House of Representatives, he spoke with a fervor and dynamic charisma not on display at the more formal speech in Washington. In contrast, here he worked the oversized crowd with rhetorical flourishes, calls for bipartisan agreement on important issues (including border security), a denouncement of various points on the opposition's agenda, and an ending appeal to the patriotic history of both Texas and the country.

The crowd was energetic and engaged with President Trump, with repeated spontaneous calls of "U-S-A!", "Build the Wall!", and even "Lock her up!" at one point referring to Hillary Clinton. However, the overall mood was not heavy but rather joyful, as the supporters approved of the economic policy changes and consequent economic re-vitalization, and showed expectancy for continued policies that the President spoke about from the platform.

President Trump dominated this rally with verve, attitude, and a cutting message which should re-energize most of his supporters after his agreement to end the partial government shutdown at the end of January. Any regret or doubt that might have existed as a consequence of that negotiation was not visible at all here, and he didn't waver on stage.  It was simply an all-consuming performance.

(Header photo credits: AP Photo/Susan Walsh)