"Your attention, please: This is a public service announcement...

Go For It

I will go on the record here and make a recommendation to all my readers:

If you haven't already, go listen to the Joe Rogan Experience #1255 recorded on the 27th of February of this year. It is quite possibly the wildest, most free-spirited, most bizarre, and most entertaining podcast to be recorded anywhere this year in the United States, and it probably sounds twice as fun if you have been drinking (I can neither prove nor disprove this assertion, so BYOB - safely, of course). Joe Rogan hosts both Alex Jones and Eddie Bravo for the second time, and it is as turbulently incoherent and magnificent as anything else you'll hear this year, with claims, counter-claims, anecdotes, conspiracies, realtalk, and almost anything else that you could possibly want in a podcast. Either buckle up, or chill out and be taken away to go along for the ride, because "reality is so crazy" that nobody, that is, nobody knows what can happen next.

Note: I recommend to listen to this either seated at home or, if you must travel, while seated on public transport - preferably while not operating machinery or driving anything. Listen on a bus, an airplane, or the subway - not while piloting the plane or piloting a boat, or you might get awfully distracted. If you think you can handle any complications of walking while laughing & crying, well then good for you my friend, but if you want to listen while cycling without risking a crash - good luck.

The main point is to go listen and enjoy yourself, otherwise you will miss out on jems like this:

"...This concludes the public service announcement"