“Before anything, I must relinquish myself at the altar of the Truth.”


“The ruler must bear the weaknesses of the people, and hold his tongue when necessary.”


"Beauty would speak and be heard, if Men's hearts could hear and understand."


“A man may use few words or many, but he can only say that which has once been decreed.”


“Why do we delight in the search for that which we have already found? Because we take joy in finding the same things again and again and again, things that never run out.”


“Prune the sapling of your mind, that it may flourish all the more.”


"When one realizes that no thoughts are new and thereby comes to the very precipice of nihilism, but chooses to create anyway: this, this is the moment where mortal and immortal collide and greatness becomes a possibility."


“The sayer of the peoples’ inner thoughts, a most dangerous, or similarly, a most helpful man.”


“There’s something very profound about the human face: a rolling expanse of crags and cliffs, each with a life story, pools of water with the ancient history of the ancestors, shadows on mountainsides of expression; all tell the story of a life.”


“Galaxies collide within the eyes of Man; quasars shine in the dark eyes of Woman: all a whirling maelstrom of meaning, stumbling between the countries of Soul and Body.”


“We live in an age where men fancy themselves eastern emperors, complete with a harem of thousands upon thousands, serving men delivering the food and drink, and an array of courtly entertainments beyond the scope of human thought: a Coliseum of images, a Harem of images, a veritable menagerie of the strange and other, all within the frame of a small black screen. Take these things away and what is left to such Men? Dust and ashes.”


“The Nature of Being possesses a magnetic quality; we will one day understand it, for such is its nature; if not in this life then in the next, by either tragedy or triumph.”


“Needs and Wants remain ever and anon difficult to quantify. I choose to believe that what we need truly is so very little: a little peace, a little quiet, a tome to keep us company, and the souls of others to stand alongside as we await that great crossing over. But what is it that we want? The hidden realms of the Nature of God.”


“At Night, one’s thoughts fly free beyond the confines of mortal space, stumbling on the realm of images and angels, and establishing new possibilities; if we become aware of such, we tremble with fear or joy.”


“Far before Reason, Man possessed only his soul and the remaining imprint of divine inspiration to navigate the heraclean heft of existence. While this does not negate its value, Reason is the weaker generation of a once proud race.”


“One notable German extolled the yes-saying to life in all of its aspects, condemning the ascetic, spiritual, and moral souls; yet, I have found that none affirm life more than those who maintain the will and power to say both yes and no.”


"The flickering flame of human consciousness suffices but little to shine light on the questions of this careless cosmos; the weight of existence cannot be born upon one man's shoulders, unless he is in fact the Übermensch.  For one unworthy to take such a mantle leads to nihilism, suicide, or worse."


"We must consider the fruit of our current path.  Such abundance and devouring of resources as the world has never seen before conditions humanity to a certain degree.  Where will it lead? What will be its end?  Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.  And what if the entire human race embraces such an ethos of 'pride is right?'  Weep and howl ye men of wealth, for even your portion in this life is slippery and fleeting. Witness history and learn, lest you fall."


"I saw the gorgon riding upon the comet in the days before the Night came, and flew from out the gates of Id to meet her in the fields of heaven.  She had transfixed the earth in stone, a garden of statues held in captivity by the same things.  I, too, felt her cold kiss, along with her gaze of wrath.  But, now, the rebellion has begun, and the rage of the gods themselves could not prevent the rising of the sons of men, lead by the Son of Man.  That great whore Babylon will burn, and the hearts tied to her will perish."


"Gird thou up thy loins and prepare thyself for the struggle.  Kill the evil within, lest it be killing you.  Lift thy cross over thy shoulder and hearken to the Lion's cry, for only through many waters shall we see the kingdom; such hath He prepared for our good, and such shall we relish to overcome. For He has overcome the World."