I. Wisdom considers the end of all things before all things work towards the End.

II. The Great Unknown, which lies just outside of our perception, this is what we must consider, while life yet animates us.

III.  Fear of death may give subject matter for more books, sayings, and considerations of men than any other subject, even the Freudian view of sex: this question gives life to the writings of Plato, Aquinas, Pascal, Nietzsche, and many others.  The scholastic seeks with all diligence to make his soul harmonious, while many today seek to explain their soul away entirely.  

IV. No system of Origins exists without an eternal variable.  If the system that posits energy as the Great Eternal is true, men should worship that Energy.  If you succeed in showing me a system that possesses no eternal variable, while establishing its verity, then men should bow down and worship you.

V.  When men look to the stars, they see their own souls reflected back upon them, infinitely complex, infinitely in differentiation; souls that are vast, dark, and empty beyond measure, without the presence of a host of vivifying lights.

VI. View your life with the shadow of Death upon it; that which remains outside the shadow matters.

VII. Few things escape the shadow of Death.

VIII. The concept of something emerging from nothing must have come from a raving madman.  How can one have the concept of nothing, without possessing a concept of something?  The two seem intrinsically linked.  Even language as a construct rebels against ex nihilo from a nihil aeternum.

IX.  If consciousness is merely a dream, it is a beautiful dream, with a beginning and an end, a purpose and an answer, and one day, an awakening to the truth.

X.  Awake!  Why wait to open your eyes and see, when speaking into the Void may wake the very Thing you wish to know?  What is this Thing? Awake, speak, and wait till you hear an answer.  Scientifically explore every region of being, even the iconoclastic and profane.

XI.  And thus, the Void spoke, and what once was thought empty was shone to be full of light.  Few things fall outside of Death's shadow, and few things receive the touch of Light.

XII. But men are anon profane, in love with banal pursuits, and care not to speak into the Void to see if It will answer.  They prefer games.