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Day 3, 18:27:11
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Reconstructionist Manifesto

Esteemed Individuals, given personal Sovereignty, Dignity, and Life in equal measures by universal laws and infinite decree, I call upon you to act.

In recent times, our Lives have been derogated to the extent that those qualities most intrinsic to such have been depleted, and for many, extinguished entirely. What Dignity is there in an individual who lives without purpose, who pursues a vapor of nothingness in their allotted span of time, and who dies without meaning? What Dignity is there in a person who works ceaselessly only to further devoid others' from meaningful existence? What Sovereignty has a human if they never are allowed to develop their own thoughts - when even art is outside of their scope of expertise? What Sovereignty could a person have, when their entire life from early education, to their career, to how they may enjoy the wealth that they may obtain, is planned out for them by another?


We have lost Dignity.

We have lost Sovereignty.

We have lost Life.

Come now, let us reason together. I propose Reconstruction of our world such that the individual has life in full measure. Let us pursue the implementation of Reconstruction such that this death in which we now live is abolished forever.

-Founder of the Reconstructionists

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forum> Thank You

Thank You

post by final alias on day 2, 06:18:22

I was an Overworlder.

I recognized the problems with our world instinctively, but had no way to consider that change could even possibly exist.

This group - the Reconstructionists - opened my eyes to the possibility of improvement, the possibility of having a meaningful life. It's so simple: work towards the goal. Ask others to join you. That's how Reconstruction starts.

As more people join, our ideas will become better and better. But imagine this: if everyone joined with the honest goal of returning meaning to lives, I think we would have it done in a day. I think the Overworld companies would stop for one reason or another, and the Underworld citizens would find what they love.

But it starts with us - with me. I hated my job. I hated my plush Overworld life. It meant nothing to me. It caused my body so much stress, so much anxiety. My work was immoral to its core.

So I left the Overworld.

No, I ran from the overworld. They might even be chasing me, but it won't matter. They can't find me now.

This post is a bit of a ramble - but I meant to say one thing: join me!

Join me in fleeing from your former lives, and running to find what you love.

And when you've done that, everyone will see it. Everyone will see your genuine pleasure, your joyous heart, your revived spirit and they will join you. They will join the Reconstructionists.

Thank You.

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reply by Vino on day 2, 07:02:15

Alias, your story is touching. Your call to action is beautiful. I hope that we each can find our way to the things that we love.

So, thank you for joining the Reconstructionists.

reply by Underlord on day 2, 09:37:52

What a spirit! final alias, I'm so glad to see your passion for bringing the joys of life to the world. I believe, as you do, that Reconstruction is the way. We must reform our society so that people can once again live for something greater! You're right - that will happen one person at a time.

forum> Preliminary Manifesto Analysis

Preliminary Manifesto Analysis

posted by Dr. Michael on day 3, 05:41:12

I find this manifesto very interesting. There are a few key points that I wanted to... well... point out, and invite discussion and further development of.

First, the greeting and initial call to action - the first sentence - addresses two particular attributes of humanity: Dignity and Sovereignty. To me, it looks like these two may not form an adequate list of those attributes which comprise humanity to the point of meriting special attention. Sure, they're important factors, but are there more equally important factors? Perhaps there are, but these are the only two that seem to be overtly missing in our society?

Second, what's with this structure? It seems like whoever wrote this had in mind to address Overworlders and Underworlders equally. Look how there's a line that addresses each group for each of the two aforementioned attributes of humanity. I suppose that makes sense if you really think that everyone is equal participants in making the society the way that it is, but from my perspective, that's not the case. The Overworlders and their ceaseless obsession with productivity, efficiency, and generation of wealth are the ones who created the soulless horde of AI which permeate every aspect of their own lives, and the lives of us Underworlders. Indeed, they are to blame.

That being said, I fully believe that everyone should work together towards the goal of Reconstruction. To do this peacefully, it requires that everyone, or at least the majority of each group of people, participate. I suppose this is a bit of a sidetrack, and may belong in another post...

Third, I just want to say that I love what the manifesto is actually calling for - Reason! Discussion! When's the last time we actually had meaningful conversations with people? Well, I think it's going to be all the time now that we have this application.

Finally, it's signed, "Founder of the Reconstructionists"

I know my first reaction was to wonder who the real author was. But I gave some thought to why they would sign it like this, instead of at least using their username. Given the manifesto's content, I believe that the author wished to be an equal participant in the development of Reconstruction and all the plans that go along with it. They didn't want to be held in higher regard than everyone else. They wanted to be equal. Let's try to keep this spirit in mind going forward, especially with the Trust Rating system how it is.


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reply by Vino on day 3, 06:10:44

Dear Dr. Michael,

Your points are rather interesting. If I may, I would like to contribute my own perspective.

Dignity and Sovereignty are, in some ways, a complete set of human qualities. While there may be many different perspective from which to quantify humanity, I believe the manifesto's author was viewing Humanity as separate from the "soulless horde of AI" that you mentioned.

These AI are no more sovereign than their source code allows. Humans, however, are still believed to have some spirit or soul which transcends the flesh, and grants us a truly free will. There is, of course, much study on that topic, but I will only speak of the general, colloquial conclusions.

As for dignity, the same manner of argument applies. We have the capability of holding one another in esteem. Whenever a person dignifies themselves to do great, no, just good things, others grant them the dignity that they have deserved. This concept has no parallel in the world of AI.

Additionally, I wanted to add to your comments about the original author. I agree with you wholeheartedly - but also wanted to say that we should not go looking for who this author is. Each of us who use this application do so, in part, in order to stay anonymous while discussing such topics as these. We must respect the author's wishes to do the same.


reply by Bombur on day 3, 14:26:52

Hi Michael

I totally didn't see some of your points. Thanks for making them. I don't have much to add but wanted to say that the manifesto really made me feel like this is the right thing to do.

Oh I did think that maybe the author would reveal themselves later in order to gain a following. Probably a bad idea but it might happen.

forum> Reply "Preliminary Manifesto Analysis"

reply> Dr. Michael,

I am new here, but it seems as if everyone is in the greater scope of time. Indeed, we are all new to this world from that context.

I appreciate your findings from the manifesto; however, they seem a bit shallow and merely confirmative for my tastes. I would like to pose a different line of thinking.

We must create more definite goals, objectives. What must change?

While you're right in blaming the AI horde as a primary offender in this meaningless world, there are other culprits as well. Think about a man who does productive work each day. What makes that life have purpose? Unless this man works for a specific reason, there is still no purpose. More clearly, this man must have a good use for the rewards of his labor - in most cases, money.

We must bring people to not just use their time productively, but their very lives. Purpose does not come at the work of the hands, or the mind. It comes at the work of a life. Traditionally, this was achieved through family, and I support such. Our current system of breeding is whimsical and useless. I know, there are "true love" marriages that still exist, but that must be the norm, not the exception.

To continue my primary point, people found purpose historically when they helped other people. In our modern age, nobody needs help. Perhaps that too must change.

I think that the manifesto may need to be rewritten with more concrete, physical goals in mind.

Mr. Blender

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