The attentive group of my readership will recall that almost six months ago, I wrote a post about the dishonest, dangerous, and untrustworthy nature of the top decision-making people at Facebook titled The Faceborg: Resistance is Futile. Later, I expanded what I wrote there in another post that included more reported details of how and possibly for what reason(s) those same people operate in their capacities as leaders of that corporation, and some of the apparent strategies and thought-processes which guide how big and small decisions are made at The Faceborg. My readers with an especially good memory will remember that I proposed a crude equation to more accurately describe recent Faceborg activity, and how they impact the rest of the Internet:

Faceborg + (Anything Else) ≠ Internet Good Times

I wrote in that post that I saw that the leaders of that corporation – specifically M. Zuckerburg and S. Sandberg – consistently behaved in patterns that I deduced would be even more problematic in the future of the Internet, and for their user-base, and for non-users – and I wrote this from the perspective of March 2019. I still agree with the impetus of that post, I don't see that the situation has improved in any noteworthy extent at the top level executives at The 'Borg, and I do maintain that it is best for most everyday users who have used Facebook and Facebook-owned platforms historically to abandon those platforms and search for new replacement systems – if indeed the said users even need those services. I encouraged that user migration, and I still hold that it is overwhelmingly accurate, and a prudent idea.

If you need more confirmation, Apple Computers co-founder Steve Wozniacki also agrees with this position.

With this in mind, it now appears time for my next deductions on social media corporations and their overreach in both day-to-day and global operations – and I'm talking about another Tech Little Boy:


Mission Creep and Overreach

Google is currently a mess, a gigantic mess of one corporation an archipelago of corporations that began, like many tales of Frankenstein's Monsters, as a relatively simple idea in the sphere of a good Internet search-engine that was well-executed, but that has over time ballooned to a first impressive, then a very, very expanded, but now a grotesquely gigantic size, which clearly dominates much, perhaps most, of the English-speaking Internet in 2019. It started with a search bar, it acquired the largest video-streaming service on the planet a few years later, and it now runs snooping software on your computer, on your phone, on your neighbor's electronic devices, and even on household thermostats. It does not stop, it has not self-policed particularly well, and it has become an active and oppressive monstrosity which is slowly becoming a walking, talking, bull-in-a-china-shop breaking relic from another age, a dangerous old dinosaur.

In other words, Google is an huge mess.

There has been controversy about Google for ages and ages, and I have nursed suspicions about it for a long time, but the screaming alarm of very dangerous territory that Google had heedlessly leapt into really went off two years ago back in the summer of 2017 with the firing of James Damore. Mr. Damore was a computer engineer who worked for Google, and whose employment was terminated after some internal brouhaha about a memo which he wrote. The memo was controversial to somebody(/ies) in some level of leadership at Google, Damore's number was called, and he was fired, but not without the entire affair attracting a lot of attention, and Damore meme-ifying the experience with the troublesome and on-point label of "Goolag" thrown at his previous employers.

But now suspicions of corrupted corporate behavior become even more confirmed based upon this new evidence which Michael Yon writes about (ironically enough on Faceborg):

Achtung! Pay attention: tonight I talked for about an hour with a "Google Snowden" who will soon go public. A deep insider.

Fascinating stuff. I cannot say much more now other than pay attention to what is coming out starting in a week or so from now.

Source said many interesting things about how Chinese are flooding into tech companies like Google, and some of the incredible techniques they can use to brainwash or at least mislead millions of people.

Take this as an example that I am making up based on our conversation. Again, I am making this up but it is based on our conversation:

A politician tweets saying we must protect our national interests.

Google, or whoever, immediately promotes all stories that translates, "must protect our national interests," to "nationalism," and then in almost real time rewrites the meaning of "nationalism" to include traits such as xenophobic, racist, and references Nazis as nationalists.

This happens so quickly and so comprehensively that most people never will notice that in 30 seconds the curtain was closed, Google (or whoever) rewrote part of the dictionary, and history...

...imagine what this can do to an election.

I can, but I don't really want to. If this is true (and I deeply suspect that it is), then the consequences are enormous: Every single thing that Google has ever produced, shown, listed, or directed toward now must be called into question as true or accurate, or misleading and disinformation for the public. If this is true, then every single thing that Google shows in an email inbox is suspect. If this is true, then any time that Google runs a video, an advertisement network on a third-party website, or almost anything else, there ought to be suspicion of some king of play – and probably some kind of foul play. Algorithms can be corrupt, or corrupted – but what happens when they are poorly "repaired" or left "corrupted"? Is that an "accident" or "on purpose"?

Minitru is real – and it speaks in Newspeak.

Distrust what comes from Google – distrust and verify thru other channels, authenticate, or ignore.

Disconnect from the Goolag.

Disengage with the Goolag.

Disown the Goolag.

Deny the Goolag access to yourself.

Find alternatives to Google-run services, prioritize and interact with those, or be ready to face future consequences when the (dis)information that you receive from, thru, or because of Goolag impacts your decision-making processes, worldviews, knowledge of "reality" or "the real world", or anything else as appropriate to your self. Consider this as a serious warning.

Change your habits, and therefore change your behavior. Free yourself, free your mind, free your world.

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