It's been a good long while since I've reached out on this medium at all. I haven't forgotten it, and have no intentions of leaving it behind, perhaps even in spite of those lofty things that I see ahead of me. Positive Perspectives has become something of a comfort zone for me. The viewership is such that I can feel as if I'm writing to an audience which fills a lounge room, and it is my friends on the front row, listening intently. Thank you for that. In light of this atmosphere, I hope that this post takes on a particularly personable, and even intimate tone in honor of the space that we have made here.

Anyways, I wanted to abstractly and briefly share a conversation which I had recently. They don't happen all that often for me, now that I have no campus to go to, but even still-- this conversation was especially unique. It is the first conversation wherein I realized that I had just been playing the part of a new person. A different ethos and pathos prevailed so distinctly, and yet, completely naturally, that I look back on that conversation and see a different person than myself in the past.

For someone who has taken pride in unity of being, this is akin to repentance. While that specific pride may have been repented of some time ago, the fruits still grow. No, the tree is only just showing it's sapling leafs for the first time.

The conversation ensued from a natural beginning– "Have you been working from home..." or some such similar small-talk. Yet as my current role in life is what it is, the conversation inevitably, yet naturally, turned towards talk of religion. We spoke of many things, some of which were very close to my heart - my passions and ambitions - as the other participant in the conversation was an adept conversationalist. His inquiries were focused, and required complex answers which often evoked personal answers.

After going on for a bit  like this, and a couple of, "how about you? ..." sort of replies on my part, the person physically paused, before continuing with, "Well, I'll open up to you..." and told me something like their life's story. Let's just say - it hadn't been particularly smooth sailing for them, and they even spoke about some things that they actively engaged in, which (as they knew) Christians generally condemn as sin.

It was a surprising turn, but a welcome one from my perspective. Throughout the whole conversation, the most casual, yet personal and genuine tones permeated every sentence spoken. Likewise, even with this surprising turn, I continued on the conversation like before. We talked about the things that they revealed to me, and related them back into the previous parts of the conversation.

Time passed as the person worked slowly to finish cutting my hair (yes, that's the setting). I think they slowed down somewhere along the way, as the conversation became more interesting than their real job. After confirming that the haircut was all that I wanted it to be, they took a long moment to thank me for the conversation. I had no real idea until this moment, but it was, perhaps, the most positive, personal impact that I've ever had in a conversation.

As soon as I left, I realized that the whole thing was bizarre– who was that person sitting in that chair? What were these casual, personal words coming out of his mouth? Shouldn't I have shared the Gospel in a formulaic, direct way? Yet that was the thing, I think the Gospel was shared, but in words and in actions, better than I had ever done it before. And besides that - the person took the time to actually thank me for having the conversation. They indicated that I had been a blessing to them... !?

I believe that this conversation was the first wherein I embodied the Christian Philosopher archetype that I have discussed in other posts. It serves both as a milestone, and a sanity-check for me. For the first part, I am happy that I have so quickly seen evidence that I am adopting my new aspirational goals. In the second, the Christian Philosopher's methods worked. They just worked. Who knew?